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Infrastructure as a Service

About Open Creates

Opoen LogoOpen Creates was founded in 2008, with the idea of bringing the right people together to change the world. And because the right people often work for themselves or other agencies, that meant creating a company that was happy to collaborate and share – hence the name.

Pretty much everything Open does starts with the data. In fact, the biggest and most powerful computers at Open aren’t processing words and pictures. They’re crunching numbers.

What Open is great at is pulling in all project components together. At developing strategies, budgets, propositions and plans. When it comes to actually making stuff happen, nobody negotiates and integrates like they do.

The Requirement:

Open provides services to a wide-ranging client base including international and multinational charity organisations. Therefore, Open needed a solution with scalability, reliability and high availability to meet their client’s requirements. Being able to use and share data at critical times is vital for Open’s operation, while making sure the data is stored and processed in a secure environment.

The Solution:

VMhosts helped architect bespoke VMs on VMhosts’ public cloud platform that exceeds Open’s scalability, reliability and high availability requirements. The new platform not only provided a highly available environment, it also gave Open a great deal of flexibility to scale up or down their cloud resources when they need them. These features are crucial for many of the projects Open delivers for their clients.

VMhosts and Open have been working collaboratively delivering bespoke solutions for some distinguished charity organisations. All of the solutions are on VMhosts’s VMware platform with automatic resilience built-in within the environment. All critical data are backed up on a secondary storage with Veeam.

VMhosts provides an offsite managed backup solution to protect their critical data powered by Veeam.


Open can now run critical applications seamlessly without worrying about constant uptime and security. Currently Open is supported by VMhosts’s qualified engineers as an extension to their inhouse IT support team.

“We have worked with VMhosts on numerous projects and have found their knowledge and support invaluable to the growth of our business. We look for suppliers that we can work in partnership with, that we can rely on to support our many high-profile events. We are delighted we chose VMhosts to be our partner 7 years ago.”

Brian Searle



“It is important that our data are secure and accessible 24/7.  We worked in collaboration with VMhosts to get our ISO27001 certification. VMhosts’s layer 7 firewall security services provide additional protection. It is peace of mind for us and our clients”

Rob Sykes


Recent Collaborative Project Highlights:

Children In Need Comic Relief Soccer Aid

CompanyOpen Creates


Key Challenges:

  • Consistent uptime.
  • High availability.
  • Delivery speed.
  • Security


  • VMware Cloud infrastructure with Windows VMs.
  • Sophos Security Suite.
  • Sophos firewall.
  • Clustered storage.
  • Scalable high performing resources (vCPU, RAM and Storage).
  • Veeam hosted backup.
  • Managed support.


  • Improved scalability and availability.
  • Increased client application performance.
  • Automatic resilience.
  • Guaranteed SLA.
  • Increased users’ expectation of performance.