Prevent Security Threats with DarkTrace and VMhosts

Aug 3, 2022 | News


Prevent Security Threats with VMhosts & DarkTrace


As technology improves and security threats become more advanced, the need for products that provide round-the-clock security protection for your business are needed more than ever. This is why we partner with cyber security brands like Cambridge-based DarkTrace, helping to prevent threats to Cloud environments and valuable business data. 

Say hello to Prevent a brand new product from the team at DarkTrace.

DarkTrace Prevent helps to identify and prioritise threats & risks maximising your security systems. This is done through conducting continuous round-the-clock penetration testing, which makes attacking more challenging for attackers, so you are always one step ahead.

By searching beyond known servers, networks and IPs, DarkTrace Prevent can discover more assets, providing more details on attacks and associated risks. 

By identifying high-value assets and pathways, DarkTrace Prevent can prioritise security and track risks end-to-end to prevent future attacks on your business.

End-to-end tracking comes with a whole host of benefits, essential for keeping your business safe.


Attack Path Modelling allows Darktrace Prevent to map out attacks in real-time, letting you see the most vulnerable parts of your data.

Round the Clock Testing allows DarkTrace to allocate the best resources for protecting at-risk user groups.

Break and Attack Emulation recreates threats with harmless attacks so that when the real thing happens the system is ready.

Security and Awareness Training helps to identify vulnerable users so we can create the best possible security response. 

Cyber Risk Prioritisation ensures that your most important targets and pathways are protected to prevent any further damage. 


At VMhosts we can manage the end-to-end set-up of essential security products such as DarkTrack Prevent so you don’t have to. If you want to have a conversation about how to improve your security systems, get in touch today.