Are You Ready For The Future Of Passkeys?

Jan 4, 2023 | Infrastructure

Google Chrome now supports passkeys for everyone… 

Passkeys are the latest biometric authentication standard, which is looking to replace passwords and will be available across stable versions of Google Chrome on desktop and Android devices.

Google has reasserted the common belief in tech circles that passwords are vulnerable to data leaks, phishing attacks and passwords being reused constantly. 

Going forward, these passkeys in Chrome on Android will all be synched by a Google Password Manager, or any other password manager. 

Passkeys sit alongside other security principles, like multi-factor authentication, which are already available on iPhones, iPads and in iOS. Google will allow you to use passkeys stored on nearby phones with login requests on desktops.

A large part of this push towards passkeys is the control they have. Being able to track passkeys for your accounts is important, just like the password managers which make passwords secure. 

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