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Infrastructure as a Service

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What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is an easy and effective way for companies to use computing resources without owning or having to maintain expensive IT equipment on their premises. If an organisation grows or has an increase in requirements, it is easy to scale up the resources on the hosted server environment. Equally, if an organisation needs to scale down for any reason, then the hosted environment can be reduced accordingly. Most importantly you only pay for what you use.

Moving to a monthly cost based model for IT infrastructure is increasingly attractive for many organisations.  Not only does this model offer the ability to reduce upfront costs and procurement headaches, it also ensures you are provided with a fully hosted cloud infrastructure that is tailored to your organisation and its requirements.

You have a choice to opt for a fully managed service where our fully qualified technicians will constantly monitor and maintain your environment 24/7/365, or self manage by just purchasing the resource you need. Either way you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Reliability and Security

Managed cloud computing offers businesses the same security and provisions of a dedicated private cloud with a better and more cost-effective package. Businesses that use managed cloud computing can focus on business operations, rather than addressing server glitches and downtime.

Why choose us?

For over a decade we have invested heavily in providing a level of service, cost and performance not found with any of our main competitors. We use only use highly secure UK based data centres that are designed to maintain 100% uptime and the highest level of physical security and are fully ISO27001 certified. Whether you have 5 or 500 users in your business we can provide all your IT needs. With all of our solutions including 24/7 proactive monitoring, redundancy and disaster recovery, clients can be safe in the knowledge that their infrastructure is protected and their data is backed up in the event of a system failure.





Our platform is underpinned by VMware. We believe in using premium products and not open source solutions. This is a tried and tested enterprise grade platform to build your hosted solution on.

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Providing an intuitive, easy to use interface for our self-service portal, OnApp allows you to scale up your infrastructure in a matter of clicks.