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Apr 3, 2023 | News

Microsoft to start blocking out of date and vulnerable email senders

Microsoft Exchange becomes end of life in just over a week. The 11th April 2023 marks the end of support for Exchange 2013. This isn’t new and hopefully most people will have a roadmap already in place for upgrades or migrations. Microsoft Exchange has been the target for many vulnerabilities and attacks and ensuring up to date mail servers is one of the key ways you can protect your own organisation but also other organisations.

With this new announcement (read more HERE) Microsoft state they intend to start actively blocking old and vulnerable Exchange servers from sending messages to M365. They are starting with the very old 2007 who connect using a connector, and they will provide lots of warnings to administrators of servers they intend to block. They will later roll out to other versions and methods of connecting to M365.

This is a whole new tact for Microsoft. It highlights how important security is. Email is one of the biggest threat vectors so it’s a great to see Microsoft taking further steps to ensure everything is being done. If you want to remove that headache from your organisation why not call VMhosts on 01223 919254.