Microsoft have a new domain for simplified access!

Apr 27, 2023 | News

Microsoft have a new domain to simply access to cloud services!

This week Microsoft announced a new domain for their cloud services. The new ‘cloud.microsoft’ domain will start to be used to allow access to all their cloud services. This move will simplify access making staff more effective when using the vast array of services offered by Microsoft as well as offer security benefits.

“As Microsoft cloud services have grown over the years, the domain space they live on has grown as well – into the hundreds. Over time, this fragmentation has created increasing challenges for end user navigation, administrative simplicity, and the development of cross-app experiences,” Microsoft explained. 

Eventually all service will migrate to the new domain but initially it will just be new services. For example, once all services are moved over instead of accessing ‘outlook.office365.com’ for email and ‘teams.microsoft.com’ for Teams you would go to the ‘outlook.cloud.microsoft’ and ‘teams.cloud.microsoft’. Initially there will be redirects in place to ensure there is no confusion during the move.

The security benefits are great too. Microsoft are the only people who can create domains ending in .microsoft as they secured the top level domain. This means a greatly reduced change of spoofing and higher integrity of domains used for these cloud services.

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