Microsoft Office Apps have a new look!

Nov 24, 2022 | News

Microsoft Office Apps have a new look!

Microsoft have begun rolling out a new look to the office applications. Starting in the November release, Outlook gets a tweak to the look with the navigation moving to the side on the left. This has been a feature in the ‘coming soon’ version of the application for around 6 months but is being rolled into some live views now! This change is just the start of the changes to the Office applications with Microsoft’s desire to bring the whole office suite together into a central hub application. This is on top of the updates which started to be rolled out to the web and mobile apps earlier this month.

When will I get the update?

M365 updates are broken down into ‘Channels’ with Current being the most up to date but also most likely to experience issues. Updates are released frequently and not on a schedule. Monthly Enterprise is the more common channel with updates being rolled up once shown to work well for most people and for more regulated or highly risk averse businesses, the Semi-Annual Enterprise channel offers a longer term supported release.

Currently this tweak is rolling out across the ‘current’ update channel, however even this channel doesn’t guarantee that you will get this straight away!

Can I go back to the old view?

If you were one of the testers during the last 6 months it was possible to switch back, however, as this is now considered live it is not possible to revert back. Microsoft will be taking feedback as it rolls out to a wider audience and making changes as they can to improve the design. However, their grand plan is for their new user experience which will slowly take over in the coming months.

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