New Offering Alert – Base Recovery as a Service

Jan 9, 2023 | News

The perfect combo of Backup, Disaster Recovery and Service.

Almost 70% of businesses close following an incident of data loss, yet backup and disaster recovery planning is often put on the back burner or seen as a cost center. It’s a balancing act to keep the business secure and protected whilst still delivering IT progression. We saw this struggle and took action!

It was during a ‘business continuity and disaster recovery’ planning meeting where a customer evidently wanted to be able to protect their environments, have their backups follow best practice of having an offsite air gapped copy and have a disaster recovery option which meant that should the worst happen they aren’t in a bad situation. The challenge was all the items they wanted to be able to protect started to add up and become prohibitively expensive. The IT manager understood the need but the challenge was to make it all work within the budget.

Enter VMhosts Base Recovery as a Service!

VMhosts offer the perfect combo of Backup, DR and service. By utilising backup to be in a position to deliver a DR environment we conquer the challenge and deliver on price and performance. No longer is a DR platform out of reach for anyone. Disaster Recovery to a high performance cloud no longer has to be out of reach!

“It’s the perfect fit! We already backup with suitable RPOs so being able to restore them to the VMhosts platform all on a contracted response means we can hit our RTO with this and all without breaking the budget”.

For more information on this new service, visit our Disaster Recovery page by clicking here, give us a call on 01223 919254 or email sales@vmhosts.co.uk





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