Office 365 Security Health Check

Why do you need Office 365 Health Check?

As businesses move to agile mobile solutions such as Office 365, cyber criminals are exploiting this choice, to many Office 365 is new technology platform. Once a business has migrated key services to these always on services they become dependent on their availability and make the assumption the platform is secure by default.

VMhosts Office 365 security health check is a point in time snapshot of your Office 365 tenant and user security helping to identify potential threats and provide recommendations to help secure your Office 365 services.

Once you have received the report we can work with you to address any concerns/issues identified.

What will the Security Report cover?

We can keep your data safe, our security report will reveal key information such as who your admins are, what mail forwarders are on your account and who shares what mailbox.
Using the report we can;

• Clearly highlight any security flaws in the set-up of your Office 365 system by delivering an in-depth report.
• Check all four locations to make sure there are no ‘hidden’ or malicious forwarders placed on any of your accounts.
• Run a login tracker to show all the successful and unsuccessful logins to your Office365 accounts over the past 90 days.
The report is an easy to read HTML file which is searchable. The report will cover who is a Global Administrator, all user accounts, licenses, delegated mailbox access, contacts, resources, groups, forwarding and transport rules, inbox rules and access points. Samples for the report areas list below:

Access Requirements

The security report requires a Global Administrator account. We recommend a dedicated account for this purpose.

Any passwords should be shared securely. For one time reports global admin details can be entered directly by the customer via remote session with no need to share with our technical team.



Mailbox Access





Transport Rules

Inbox Rules

Action Points