How To Protect Yourself Against Social Media Hacking

Nov 7, 2022 | News

Beginner Hackers Target Social Media

Even if you’re a cautious browser and have downloaded security softwares, like a VPN to secure your network, you’re still at risk of being hacked.

Social media hacking is on the rise, from stalking, online harassment, identity theft and money scams. NordVPN has shown that Meta platforms such as; Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, are the number one targets for hackers making them an easy way into cyber crime.

The top ways in which hackers get into your account:

  • Phishing: This involves sending malicious links or dangerous attachments through to your DMs or emails. Once you click on the link the account or device gets infected with malware to steal your data.
  • Infiltrating public Wi-Fi or Bluetooth: Connecting to public Wi-Fi means our personal data can be exposed, try connecting to a secure VPN service instead to prevent this.
  • Data breach abuse: Hackers can access leaked sensitive data, like your usernames and passwords to easily access social media accounts.
  • Brute-force attacks: Once an intruder knows the email account linked to your social media they can then use automated tools to figure out your password in a short period of time.

We recommend the following actions you can take to minimise the risks, so you’re protected from hackers going forward:

  1. Pick strong passwords: Creating strong passwords for each social media account can minimise the risk of an intruder getting into your account.
  2. Enabling two-factor authentication: Setting this up allows you to prove your identity twice, which can discourage hackers from forcing their way into your profile.
  3. Set up new device login alerts: If your account is accessed from a new device, you’re able to be informed quickly and act fast.
  4. Use a VPN when accessing public Wi-Fi: Using a reliable VPN to connect to public Wi-Fi ensures your data stays secure.

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