Teams Going Premium!

Jan 16, 2023 | News

Microsoft have announced Teams is launching a paid premium tier of the application.

The negative for this is the features they plan to lock away as premium are currently available for free!

The full details are still unknown but we do know the functionality will be removed 30 days from the roll out of premium. That date is still not announced however the wording from Microsoft is “early February 2023”.

The cost is expected to be around £10 but again is not confirmed from Microsoft yet.

The features expected to be locked away behind the premium price tag are:

  • Live-translated captions.
  • Timeline markers in Teams meeting recordings for when a user leavers or joins a meeting.
  • Custom organisation Together Mode scenes.
  • Virtual appointment SMS notifications.
  • Organisation analytics within the Teams admin centre for virtual appointments.
  • Schedule queue view for virtual appointments.

Teams Premium is expected to add interesting features such as AI-powered tools for search, task generation and even an AI recap of the meeting.

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