The Cyberattack on MGM Resorts: A Closer Look

Oct 6, 2023 | News


The cyberattack on MGM was a significant security ‘incident’ that targeted the company’s IT infrastructure. While the exact details of the attack have not been disclosed publicly, it was characterised as a data breach, indicating that unauthorised individuals gained access to their computer systems or networks.

A substantial amount of guest data, including personal and contact information, was exposed. This data may have included names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses of guests who had stayed at these hotels.

The incident highlighted the importance of data security and privacy in the hospitality industry, where customer trust is paramount. MGM is responsible for safeguarding the personal information of its guests, and a data breach can ruin that trust.

In response, they launched an investigation into the incident in collaboration with cybersecurity experts and local law enforcement. These investigations aim to identify the perpetrators, understand the methods used in the attack, and assess the potential risks to affected individuals.

Lessons Learned: 

The need for all businesses to have robust cybersecurity measures in place: Even large companies making millions every hour can fall victim to a cyber attack, despite having sizable defences already! A typical business might not be a higher priority target, but can be an easier victim to breach. 

The volume of data compromised: The amount of peoples data MGM will have held will be vast and there could be far reaching implications. It’s another good reminder to review your account hygiene.

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