Trade shows are important to delivering the best service…

Jul 5, 2023 | News

Why we visit trade shows

Nick is one of VMhosts Solutions Architects. He recently visited InfoSec Europe in London and wrote his thoughts for us:

Its easy to be always busy at work, consulting, talking to new and existing customers, delivering projects and improvements and solving problems. However, its also imperative to give time to stand back and take a look at the wider landscape. Security is a vast arena which touches everything we do. That’s why in June I took time out to visit Infosec Europe, hosted in the ExCel Centre London

In my role as solutions architect I get to build systems and services which solve customers pains but something I need to consider in everything I do is security. Its imperative to keep our customers secure and any advice I give has to have considered the implications on security. By visiting trade shows and ‘expos’ it gives me multiple advantages over just reading blogs and news. It’s the chance to sit down with peers and discus how they see the challenges, its an opportunity to meet with vendors, both new and potential and it’s a great way to view products and services and how they can improve what we do day to day.

This year I met people from vendors such as DarkTrace, Mimecast, and Kroll, and I saw some thought provoking talks from the likes of CrowdStrike and Talos, but what I think is the biggest boost is to my creativity. I have an array of new viewpoints, conversations  and contacts to draw upon and that really helps in my day to day work and ultimately enables me to deliver better work to our customers!