You can now delete a conversation in Teams!

Nov 24, 2022 | News

Microsoft have announced they have added the ability to delete a conversation in its Teams app.

The feature is set to be added to their December update on desktop clients, however, it’s not clear if it will be available on mobile devices.

Microsoft says that “this does not affect what any other users in the chat see.” This means any conversations deleted on your side will remain unaltered on the other participant’s side, so that the messages remain easy to access should they need them.

Microsoft are under constant pressure from the likes of Zoom, Google Meet and to some extent Slack as other companies add and improve features. Whilst Teams is included in even the most basic Microsoft 365 subscription lots of businesses choose to utilise other tools to benefit from certain functionality. It was also recently reported that staff waste on average 10 minutes per meeting just setting up their poorly configured conferencing software. This highlights the need for your business to make the most out of the technology you already have!

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