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Cloud hosted Disaster Recovery

with Zerto



Features and Benefits

DR On New Level

DR on a new level

Zerto has moved replication up the stack, from the storage layer into the virtualization/hypervisor layer. This results in an innovative hypervisor-based, virtualization-aware replication solution providing enterprise-class replication and BC/DR capabilities for the data center and the cloud.

Always On ReplicationAlways-on Replication

Zerto Virtual Replication continuously replicates I/O as it is created, delivering RPOs of seconds.

Application Consistent 300x171 1Application Consistent

Since applications often consist of more than one VM, Zerto developed Virtual Protection Groups (VPGs), a unique feature that enables replication of multiple VMs together as a group. Replicating VPGs gives the ability to restore the entire group from a single point in time, consistently, and with write-order fidelity.

Technology Agnostic 300x171 1

Technology Agnostic

Zerto is hypervisor and hardware agnostic, removing barriers to innovation while greatly increasing efficiencies. There is no vendor lock-in so older or less expensive arrays and hypervisors can be used to further reduce costs. Additionally, it is now much easier to leverage or test new and innovative technologies, such as flash arrays.

Scalable Granular 300x188 1Scalable & Granular

With a software-based solution, scaling the infrastructure to support disaster recovery processes is simple and easy. As a new virtual host is added, simply install a new virtual appliance. Although Zerto Virtual Replication scales to support very large environments, it provides the same granularity that is needed in environments of all sizes, with the ability to recover files, VMs, applications, and entire sites.

Simple RecoverySimple Recovery

In case of a disruption, a simple failover and recovery process can be initiated from the same console. It is easy to test, configure, and execute disaster recovery automation. Testing can be done without any impact to the production site or replication, with test result reports for compliance.

Easy To ManageEasy to Manage

Zerto Virtual Replication installs seamlessly into the existing infrastructure with no configuration changes required in the hypervisor, application, or storage. The console is accessible anywhere and provides a complete view of the environment, making it easy to determine issues, leading to reduce troubleshooting and quicker resolutions. ZVR also provides a powerful dashboard with a consistent look and feel across all platforms.


Zerto’s functionality extends to a complete solution for virtual environments, supporting private, hybrid, and public clouds with disaster recovery, long-term retention, testing and migration capabilities.