Fixed Price vSphere Upgrades

Nov 10, 2022 | News

Fixed Price vSphere environment upgrades for up to 3 hosts managed by vCenter.

Do you have any old VMware 6.7 hosts, 6.5 or maybe even some 6.0 hosts (don’t worry we won’t tell anyone!) in your environment? Are your IT staff too busy to find time to upgrade? Maybe they don’t have the skills or experience? Would you rather have your resources doing what they are good at rather than trying to work out how to upgrade your VMware infrastructure?

Why not take advantage of our fixed price fixed outcome upgrade service! Our service includes:

  • Access to our skilled, experienced and certified staff to upgrade up to 3 hosts and vCenter – add additional hosts for just £800 each or if you have 6 hosts or above, get in touch for a special rate.
  • Compatibility review of your server hardware and storage.
  • Removal of security risk from unpatched systems.
  • Review of integrated solutions such as Backup, Disaster Recovery & vCenter plugins.
  • vCenter root password recovery if the current password has been lost, expired or locked out.
  • vCenter upgrade or migration to 7.0 (or 8.0 if all existing hosts are currently 6.7 or higher).
  • Upgrade of ESXi Hosts to latest supported versions.
  • 1 week of post support to assist with any required troubleshoot any issues.

The (not too) small print:

Whilst we include all the skills and experience to upgrade your VMware, there are some things we do need to be in place. The environment must have valid licensing and live VMware support. This service does not include firmware upgrades; however, we can do this after the initial assessment for a small extra cost to cover the additional time needed. We will do all work remotely using our skilled engineering team based near Cambridge, during office hours.

We recommend your hardware has vendor or third-party warranty and out of band management via iLO, iDRAC or similar. We also recommend there being enough free resource for vMotion to place a host in maintenance mode, but we can highlight issues during the works if this is not possible.

The cost for this service is £2,200 (plus VAT).

To take advantage of this service, please call us on 01223 919254 or email sales@vmhosts.co.uk

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