Why back ups are so critical

Dec 19, 2022 | News

Unfortunately, it can happen to you…

Everyone has heard they need to do backups and they have probably heard it hundreds of times over. But its also very understandable when using the giants of the cloud world, such as Microsoft or Amazon, to fall into the comfortable mindset that you are using the big boys and ‘it wont happen to me’. Unfortunately, the reality is, cloud providers put the onus on the end customer! Its often not realised until too late and data is missing.

It was early December when the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of staff came in on a Monday morning and found emails to be down. Their employer utilising one of the largest cloud providers, had suffered a security incident earlier in the weekend. It’s devastating to think of the effect this is having on some businesses. It’s over a week without email so far and likely that the ‘legacy’ (the term the company is using for email from before the disaster) email is lost for ever. It will as a minimum result in the significant loss of revenue for the affected customers. It will likely result in a portion of the affected businesses failing…

It’s a painful lesson for the affected people but you can avoid that pain by acting now. Ensure you have a backup for anything you care about for your business. Email with M365? Back it up! CRM with Salesforce? Back it up! Servers with Azure? Back them up!

At VMhosts, we even facilitate customers on our cloud platform, which already has replication to a second site plus backup to a third to own their own backups and send them to another provider! We care about backup and want you to care too!

If you think maybe you should have an independent review of your backups and gain an honest and unbiased view point please get in touch on: 01223 919254.




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